Supervisor is an asshole

If the boss is the founder or owner of the company, it might be time to find a different boss. There's another work issue to discuss, another complaint. Subscribe Find out more about our weekly bulletins. You've focused on what you can do to work harder.

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Supervisor is an asshole
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7 ways to deal with an asshole boss

Robert Sutton recommends 3 ways to change a negative culture Read more. You're setting a standard and everyone will notice. Bad boss alert.

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Supervisor is an asshole
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Supervisor is an asshole
Supervisor is an asshole

There are assholes everywhere — from the morning commute to social media. Focus on what you do and say, that's the part you can control. What's wrong with Britain's railways Timetable chaos, annual ticket-price hikes and strike action have left commuters questioning whether re-nationalisation could be a solution to our railway impasse. Can you entice the asshole boss to move just a little farther away from you? What if there's still a problem?

Supervisor is an asshole
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Supervisor is an asshole
Supervisor is an asshole

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